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notquite_human's Journal

Not Quite Human
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An invite-only Roleplay of werecreatures and other fantastic beings, set in Canada

Welcome to Not Quite Human!

Have you ever wondered, what if things weren't as you thought? What if the people you knew weren't as human as they appeared? And what if you were caught in the middle of it?

Not Quite Human is an RP set in the fictional town of Crystal Falls, Alberta, Canada. This little slice of land is often overlooked, despite the beautiful but small waterfalls for which the town was named. Perhaps because its tiny Provincial Park can't compare to the vast and well known Jasper National Park just a few hours drive away. In fact, this town is rarely mentioned; best known for being home to St. Francis University and a haven for those seeking to escape the tourism of Banff or Jasper. However, in spite of its quaint appearance, this little university town is unusual. The roads getting to the town seem near impossible to find, if you haven’t already been there. Set a bit apart from the larger cities and other small communities, cell phone reception is often poor going into or out of town, and, once in a long while, people vanish. Crystal Falls has a darker side. And once you’ve seen it, odds are, you’re changed forever.